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What happens if we need extra time at our shoot?

Do you book multiple jobs on the same day?

Yes! Since we have a network of photographers and videographers available, we can book multiple sessions on the same day and at the same time. Typically we can send your favorite photographer out to a shoot, however, last-minute bookings are usually given to the first available team member.

Usually, we serve multiple clients within the same day. That means it is preferred that we stick to your original time. However, there are times when we can accommodate you and stay longer. You will be responsible for a fee as outlined in your contract.

Am I able to order prints and other items as keepsakes?

What is the turnaround time for videography and photography?

Yes! We love to offer print services to our clients and give suggested keepsakes that pertain to their project. For example, we can deliver a final video in many physical formats outside of a USB, or DVD. We'd love to tell you about some favorite tangible deliverables.

Depending on your scope of work, we can deliver the final items within 14-21 business days from your shoot day. Many clients enjoy the sneak peeks we send as a "thank you." We understand their excitement and are equally eager to see images or photos to post on social media while everything is fresh for them.

What is the difference between edits and retouches?

How many images do I receive?

The image deliverables differ depending on the service, but here is a general breakdown.

1. Event photography – About 100 edited images per hour at your event.

2. Photo Shoots – About 100-150 edited and four retouched images per hour. Additional retouches are available upon request.

Our team edits all photos delivered by The Fellas Media. This means that we have put our signature style on the image, which includes adjusting colors, lighting, saturation, and more. Retouching is the additional step we take to smooth skin, remove stray hairs, clean up unnecessary elements in the photo and make it "magazine ready." Retouches are an extra step and require 30 minutes to 1 hour per photo, so it has an additional fee if not included in your initial package.

Do you travel outside of Florida?

Can I reschedule my shoot?

Yes! We love to travel to other areas of the world to accommodate our clients. Feel free to contact our team with your request. Additionally, we have team members in many states who will be able to capture photography and videography for you.

Life happens. As long as you let us know within 48hrs, we can accommodate. You will need to contact our team to see what our next availability is so you may retain your original production team. Any rescheduling after the grace period results in a fee of $275.

How long does it take to get a brand new website designed and developed by your team?

What platforms can you build websites on?

While we primarily build our websites on WordPress, we can also build luxury websites on Shopify and Webflow.

We are passionate about design, and excited to deliver fully responsive and optimized websites to our clients. A new website from start to finish is typically 2-3 months. We begin work once we have received all content, domain names, etc. Since there are a lot of moving parts to this service, we have dedicated team members who will help you compile all the details for your new "home sweet home" as we call it.

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